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Why Direct Mail?

Direct Mail is one of the only forms of advertising that lets you precisely pinpoint your target audience and gives you measurable results . . . fast!

You get clear-cut information that's easy to analyze. And, unlike advertising in mass media, you know precisely who you're speaking to, so "waste" is kept to a minimum.

What's more, with Direct Mail, you know exactly how many pieces of mail you send out, who got them, how much each piece cost to send, and how many responses you received.

Premier Direct Marketing Inc. has provided our colleagues a resource for handling their Direct Mail Marketing and Communication needs for over 7 decades. Direct Mail is the most efficient, cost effective way to reach Customers with your advertising/marketing message.

We specialize in Direct Mail Programs that are tailored to meet the needs of our Customers. Premier Direct Marketing can help you harness the power of Direct Mail Marketing.

Premier prides itself on these four core company pillars:

We have been providing effective, efficient mail solutions to our customers for over 70 years.  

We understand the importance of getting the right message to  the right person at the right time.  When you place your trust in us, we take it very personally.

We specialize in targeted solo direct mail campaigns, that are tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Customer Service
The foundation of our business is our excellent customer service.  We listen.  We understand.  We respond. 


Meet Our Team

    Mike Ingram President, Owner
    Mike Ingram

    President, Owner

    Hello, I’m Mike Ingram. I am majority owner and serve as president of Premier Direct Marketing. I have been in the direct marketing business my entire life following in my father’s footsteps. I firmly believe in treating both customers and employees with honesty and respect. Outside of work, I enjoy chasing the little white ball around and watching the ponies run at Churchill Downs.
    Rick Meredith COO, GM, Owner
    Rick Meredith

    COO, GM, Owner

    My name is Rick Meredith. I am the General Manager / COO of Premier Direct Marketing. I am one of the partners in the ownership of our company. Most of my professional career has been with Premier Direct Marketing. During my career I have been very blessed. The strength of our company is in the people I have the opportunity to work with each day. Our company’s founder, Cal Ingram, was one of the great influences in my life. I consider him one of my most valuable life and business mentors.Outside of our company my faith and my family are the most important things in my life. But I also enjoy watching sports, playing music and spending time outdoors.
    Donna Stirneman Manager, Account Services
    Donna Stirneman

    Manager, Account Services

    Hi, I’m Donna Stirneman and since full time multi-tasking solution creating direct mail warrior is too much to put on a business card, I am officially known as the Director of Account Services for Premier Direct Marketing. I have been with Premier 13+ years and proudly lead a T(ogether) E(veryone) A(chieves) M(ore) of enthusiastic, dedicated Account Managers who recognize that timing, cost and quality are paramount to your project, but that knowledge, expertise and excellent customer service are what makes a good project great. Outside of work I am the proud mother of 5, grandmother of 6 (and wife of 1). I am a proud nerd with a special place in my heart for Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and Batman. My dream is to spend my golden years on a beach selling sun tan lotion while indulging in my Starbucks.
    Gregory Hand Controller / Human Resources
    Gregory Hand

    Controller / Human Resources

    My name is Greg Hand and I currently serve as financial controller and human resource manager. I started with this company over 20 years ago after graduating from the University of Louisville. I find that with hard work and dedication I can accomplish my day-to-day tasks and still leave time for fun, like golf.Every day as an accountant I solve problems you don’t know you have in ways you can’t understand.
    Jerri Paul Data Processing Manager
    Jerri Paul

    Data Processing Manager

    My name is Jerri Marie Paul and I am the Data Processing Manager for Premier Direct Marketing. I have a combined total of 13+ years in the printing and mailing industries, having served in many different capacities. I believe that going the extra mile in our work helps keep the department, and Premier, at the top of our industry. Outside of work I enjoy camping, and am also a lover of history and the arts. I am proudly the #1 fan and cheerleader for my active teen son, in both life and all things sports.
    Terry Metzger Plant Manager
    Terry Metzger

    Plant Manager

    Hello, I’m Terry Metzger. I am Plant manager here at Premier Direct Marketing. I have been in the print and mail business for over 40 years now. I understand the complexities of print and direct mail and the importance of meeting our client’s deadlines every time. With a can-do attitude, it’s my job to manage the production throughout the plant. When not managing your direct mail, I like to ride my Harley. I am recently engaged and my fiancé and I enjoy swing dancing and travel the country to different dances. I am also a hot air balloon pilot. I have folks say they are skeptical about flying in a balloon. I tell them, “I’ve never left anybody up there!”
    Fred FattoreIT Director
    Fred Fattore

    IT Director

    Hello, I’m Fred Fattore. IT Director – Programmer. I maintain and/or develop all of the Hardware (servers, LAN, WAN, Workstations, and production Lasers and Inkjets) and Software utilized at Premier Direct Marketing using Visual Foxpro and SQL along with Satori Presort, Monticello Post pre-sort software, and Objectif Lune PrintShop Mail laser printing application.I have been directly and indirectly responsible for over 1.5 billion pieces mailed through the USPS in my 30 years in the industry. Accuracy and Integrity are key to maintaining an honest and fulfilling relationship with our clients. I feel that I apply these values equally to all customers regardless of size or volume. Also, concise communication assures our clients that their jobs are safe in our hands.