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Why Direct Mail?

Direct Mail is one of the only forms of advertising that lets you precisely pinpoint your target audience and gives you measurable results . . . fast!

You get clear-cut information that's easy to analyze. And, unlike advertising in mass media, you know precisely who you're speaking to, so "waste" is kept to a minimum.

What's more, with Direct Mail, you know exactly how many pieces of mail you send out, who got them, how much each piece cost to send, and how many responses you received.

The success of a Direct Mail Marketing Program is largely dependent upon the Mailing Lists selected. Premier Direct Marketing can help you reach your best possible Customers and Prospects by providing:

  • Saturation Resident / Occupant Lists
  • Saturation Name Lists
  • Compiled and Specialized Consumer Lists
  • New Mover Lists
  • Business Lists
  • Email Contact Lists
  • And much more . . .

Access to our Geosight System, an advanced State-of-the-Art Tool that allows you to:

  • Target specific individuals and neighborhoods
  • Analyze markets
  • Utilize demographics
  • And much more . . .